32×32 Minecraft Texture Packs


Iron Horse

Iron Horse is a 32×32 Native American texture pack that now with shrooms, kokopelli pistons, antique TNT and a vintage…


Ozo´s Texture Pack

Ozo´s Texture Pack has a realistic/rustic feel to it but a the same time ozo’s pack has that playful Minecraft…

DM Pack

DM Pack

DM Pack is a detailed texture pack that is bright neon with a midevil feel.

Gerudoku Faithful

Gerudoku Faithful Pack

Gerudoku Faithful Pack is a properly Updated Gerudoku texture pack I got Tired Of Looking For A Good Updated Gerudoku…


Glimmar’s Steampunk

Glimmar’s Steampunk is an epic sized pack uses constructions with steam powered machines and gears in the style of Victorian…

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