Elemental Essence

Elemental Essence is a pack designed to create a realistic feel that turns Minecraft in to a high resolution masterpiece…


Sixam Texture Pack

Sixam Texture Pack is a city themed pack with a bunch of awesome colors and features.


Marvelous craft

Marvelous craft is a unique and detailed texture pack that is full of rich detail and has many nice features…

Limitless Simplisticsfeat

Limitless Simplistics

Limitless Simplistics texture pack is a basic 16×16 pack with deep rich colors that pop out making this one of…


Pure BDcraft by Sphax

Pure BDcraft by Sphax was created to give the original Minecraft textures some comic book style along with a lot…


Iron Horse

Iron Horse is a 32×32 Native American texture pack that now with shrooms, kokopelli pistons, antique TNT and a vintage…

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Minecraft guldes and server lists for download.

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